His name is Devon Ferguson and yes, he rocked a mullet back in the day!

He was born in Toronto, Canada but then moved and grew up in Ottawa which means he can also speak french, pretty fancy right?

After saving up a huge amount of dollars he was able to finally escape the frigid Ontario winters and head west to Vancouver which he now calls home and "the most expensive place on earth".

In grade school, he made sure to drive all his teachers nuts by practicing his Ace Ventura impression while they tried teaching the class long-form division. "Alrighty then!"


He is a graduate of the Humber Acting for Film/Television Program in Toronto and has trained at the UCB School of Improv and The Groundlings Theater and School.


He works in all mediums: broadcast, web, mobile, and all that. He has received recognition for his work for brands such as Lays, and has Doritos, Kraft, Shell just to name a few.

He's worked with clients all over the world and loves collaborating with creatives, priding himself on executing great concepts.

When not making films, Devon enjoys spitting the hottest fire over the sickest beats hoping Drake will one day discover him. Don't believe us? Follow him on Instagram  @devofergy